Expanding Your Divine Light!

A Divine Activation

September 22, 2022 Debbie Hagedorn Season 2 Episode 9
Expanding Your Divine Light!
A Divine Activation
Show Notes

You are a system, within which there are many, many bodies and many, many layers, all of which contain the information (aka programming) that creates your reality in any given moment.

If you wish to change your reality, you must "do the work" to clean up your system.

It's crucial to know how to "do the work" for yourself. 

Anyone doing it for you is doing you a disservice.

Within this divine activation, I invite you to claim your power back and move through a process in which you will "do the work" yourself to clean up your energetic system in a manner that serves only YOUR highest good.

Listen in ... but not while you're driving this time ... and receive the activations and upgrades your soul is seeking for you in this moment.

Feel into your heart space to a deeper level than you may have ever experienced before.

Dispel the illusions that remain within you.

Claim your path ... the one that will take you to heaven on Earth as you choose it.