Expanding Your Divine Light!

Death Isn't Real

April 21, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
Expanding Your Divine Light!
Death Isn't Real
Show Notes

It's a topic most are somewhere between hesitant and unwilling to discuss.

We've been programmed to believe things about death that simply aren't true, so it's no wonder ... the hesitancy ... and it's no one's fault.

The only true death, in my opinion, is one's failure to live.

It is in truly allowing yourself to feel all of the feels ... fully and completely ... that you live, and in this living, you expand the consciousness that is you.

Are you able to live without fear of death? Are you ready to live more fully than ever before?

Listen in and receive the upgrades and activations that are being made available to you in this transmission.

Heaven on Earth ... or hell on Earth ... is a choice  - your choice.

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