Expanding Your Divine Light!

Yeshua IS Magic!

March 24, 2022
Expanding Your Divine Light!
Yeshua IS Magic!
Show Notes

The loop of Christian religion is filled with illusions that simply aren't true. Yet another system of the old world that was filled with lies ... go figure.

Jesus Christ isn't his birth name. He is Yeshua. 

He spoke in the Aramaic language, and all translations outside of this language have lost the potency of his message.

He didn't come to Earth with the intention of generating fear among us. He came to Earth to show us what is possible for all who choose it.

He came to teach us how to restore heaven on Earth.

Listen in and receive the upgrades and activations that are being made available to you in this episode. It is in faith that you will begin to understand your own version of divine magic.

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